First things first: let's start with a good model!

Welcome to the "Models" tutorial of the "From Zero to Hero" series. In this notebook we will talk about the features offered by the models Avalanche sub-module.

Models Support

Every continual learning experiment needs a model to train incrementally. The models sub-module provide ready-to-use randomly initialized and pre-trained models you can use off-the-shelf.

At the moment we support only the following architectures:

!pip install git+
from avalanche.models import SimpleCNN
from avalanche.models import SimpleMLP
from avalanche.models import SimpleMLP_TinyImageNet
from avalanche.models import MobilenetV1

However, we plan to support in the near future all the models provided in the Pytorch official ecosystem models as well as the ones provided by pytorchcv!

🤝 Run it on Google Colab

You can run this chapter and play with it on Google Colaboratory: Open In Colab