Extending Avalanche

Make it Custom, Make it Yours

!pip install avalanche-lib==0.3.0

Having learned how to use all the Avalanche main features, you may end up willing to customize the framework a little to suit your eagerness for continually better functionalities (as a true continual learner would indeed do! ⚡).

Hence, now is the time to get your hands dirty! 🙌

Take you time to explore the Avalanche API in great detail. We made sure everything is well documented (even if improvable), but try to take a look at the code as well to resolve any uncertainties (of course if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask)

You can start by cloning the repo and installing Avalanche in "Developer Mode".

We suggest delving into the code using an appropriate IDE, such as PyCharm. This will help you navigate the code better and with tons of cool discovery features. Once you have a clear understanding of the entire codebase (or at least the module you'd like to extend/customize) you can start making changes.

If you think your changes may be interesting for the rest of the Continual Learning community, why not contribute back to Avalanche? You can learn how to do it in the next chapter.

🤝 Run it on Google Colab

You can run this chapter and play with it on Google Colaboratory: Open In Colab

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